How the Affordable Care Act Affects YOU

Donald Trump’s first action as president was to take a step toward making good on one of his cardinal campaign promises, to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

With his executive order to “ease the burden of Obamacare,” Trump left a lot of unanswered questions as to what they meant, and what he would do for those of us that aren’t burdened by the health care law at all. The small-business community needs specifics, our livelihood is in the balance.

We’d like to hear from you – do you use the Marketplace for health insurance?  Is the ACA working for you?  What improvement would you like to see?

You can let us know in this survey!

Experts have boiled it down: Trump either can allow nearly 30 million consumers to lose their health coverage, or he and Congress can work to improve the ACA. To provide market certainty, President Trump and the GOP leadership in Congress, Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst included, must make clear their plan for the millions covered under the ACA.

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