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Iowa Citizen Action Network

Job Announcement

Position Overview: Iowa Citizen Action Network  (501(c)(4)) and Iowa Citizen Action Network Education Fund (501(c)(3)) are seeking an Organizer to focus on grassroots organizing and leadership development, campaign management, partner and ally relationship building, as well as some fundraising to support building the Main Street Alliance Chapter in Iowa

About the Main Street Alliance:  Main Street Alliance (MSA) is a network of state-based small business coalitions working to elevate the voices of small business owners on issues that impact their businesses, their employees, and the communities that they serve.

The Main Street Alliance of Iowa (MSAIA), a partnership between the Main Street Alliance and Iowa Citizen Action Network (ICAN), is a state-wide small business coalition that conducts outreach, education and leadership development with small business owners and works to create opportunities for business owners to speak for themselves on key issues.  MSAIA works with small business owners on Main Streets, as well as with farmers, entrepreneurs and the self-employed.

Founded in 2008 to make sure that small business owners voices were heard in the campaign to win affordable health care, Main Street Alliance now works on a range of issues in cities and states across the country, our policy agenda includes tax and budget fairness, comprehensive immigration reform, money in politics issues and a variety of job quality issues.  We are led by a diverse group of small business owners at the state and national levels.

Job Responsibilities:

Grassroots Outreach & Leadership Development

  • Conduct small business recruitment drives in key areas around the state using direct canvass-based outreach to recruit small business members; recruit and train volunteers/interns to participate in small business outreach blitzes and other outreach/contact strategies.
  • Hold organizing meetings in key areas around the state to build local small business leadership teams, engage small business owners on a deeper level, and identify potential small business spokespeople and candidates for a coalition steering committee.
  • Identify and develop small business leadership/spokesperson teams for direct engagement with decision-makers, media opportunities, and peer outreach through one-on-ones, organizing meetings and small business leadership trainings.
  • Engage emerging small business leaders in peer outreach and research – collecting petitions and surveys – to develop leadership and build resources for research products.
  • Continue to build out and develop diverse statewide leadership circle and executive steering committee for the Main Street Alliance of Iowa.
  • Work with MSA staff and state level ally advisory committee to meet goals within the state fundraising plan.
  • Integrate ICAN staff, membership and affiliates in program, including presentations, preparing written materials for members and recruiting small business from ICAN membership and affiliates.
  • Play an active role in ICAN’s programs, events and projects including assisting with and attending ICAN events and meetings, preparing articles and presentations for ICAN members and affiliates, conducting briefings and trainings to ICAN staff and any other duties assigned by the Executive Director or her designee.

Campaign Management

  • Work with Main Street Alliance staff and local coalition allies to develop a coordinated small business outreach and organizing plan for the state, and participate in the development of the national Main Street Alliance network.
  • Organize statewide and local tactics, action steps and events in coordination with the national small business campaign plan – leverage the voices of small business owners to impact the public debate.

Desired Experience

  • Deep commitment to a vision of racial, social, and economic justice and to building the collective voice of small business owners in Iowa.
  • Strong commitment to organizing through relationship building.
  • At least 2 years experience in community/grassroots organizing, and/or political campaigns
  • Ability to communicate effectively and engage members of the business community at their level.
  • Strong written and verbal skills, and the ability to listen.
  • Ability to produce consistent, quality work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Experience working with/within the Iowa business community, (current connections and relationships developed with high-profile locally owned and operated businesses a plus)
  • Experience working in or with the Legislature.
  • Experience with grassroots fundraising.
  • Willingness and ability to travel around the state on a regular basis and work flexible hours required.
  • Ability to work independently and strong time management skills.
  • Strong facilitation skills.
  • Computer skills (word processing, spreadsheet & database, Power Point, electronic communication).
  • Ability to speak Spanish or other languages a plus.
  • Experience with national campaigns or large municipal/state coalitions a plus.
  • Must have reliable transportation and a valid driver’s license.
  • A passion for organizing and a sense of humor.

Salary & Benefits

This is full-time salaried position. The salary is negotiable and commensurate with experience.  Excellent benefit package is available

Application Process

To apply, e-mail a cover letter, resumé and references to: sdinsdale@iowacan.org with subject line: MSA Organizer

Main Street Alliance and Iowa Citizen Action Network are equal opportunity employers that do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or sexual identity. We are committed to equal opportunity, and urge people of color, and experienced organizers and activists of all backgrounds, to apply.

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