Debt Ceiling

May 25, 2022

The latest reports about the debt ceiling negotiations are more upbeat than earlier in the week. Speaker McCarthy has told Members of Congress to stay flexible this weekend, but he’s not cancelling the Memorial Day recess, which also has to be interpreted as a good sign.

There’s still not a deal–or not one that anyone will share publicly, but it’s clear that the contours are coming together.

There’s a new poll out today from Navigator showing that the public is increasingly concerned and recognizes the urgency of raising the debt ceiling.

New Navigator Polling (See Poll)

The share of Americans who support raising the debt ceiling to avoid default is growing. By a 27-point margin, Americans support raising the debt ceiling when described as “the debt ceiling is the maximum amount of money the U.S. government can borrow to pay its bills… the government has already reached this amount, which means the debt ceiling needs to be raised in order to avoid defaulting on the government’s bills” (57 percent support – 30 percent oppose), a net 9-point increase in support since earlier this month when the margin of support was net +18 (53 percent support – 35 percent oppose).

  • Support for raising the debt ceiling has increased most significantly among Republicans over the last six weeks. In early April, Republicans opposed raising the debt ceiling by a 30-point margin (29 percent support – 59 percent oppose), but have shifted toward supporting raising the ceiling by a net 23 points (net -7 now; 41 percent support – 48 percent oppose). This shift is reflected among both Republicans who watch Fox News with some regularity (from net -29 in early April to net -4 now, 44 percent support – 48 percent oppose) and those Republicans who are not regular Fox News consumers (from net -30 to net -9 now; 39 percent support – 48 percent oppose).
  • 61 percent of Americans report hearing about a potential default if the debt ceiling is not raised by June 1st, up 4 points overall since earlier this month, driven by a 9-point increase among independents and a 5-point increase among Republicans. Among those hearing “a lot” or “some,” nearly seven in ten support raising the debt ceiling to avoid default (net +42; 68 percent support – 26 percent oppose).

There’s still time to let our Members of Congress know that constituents are paying attention by calling their offices!

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