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In 2021 ICAN continued a second year of working in midst of a pandemic. Over the past months we continued to join together with our allies, affiliates, partners, friends and organizations to keep building coalitions with the goal of creating movements that will celebrate and take on the challenges facing us. Right now, we are focusing on the future of our state and our country.  There is lot of change needed and a lot of work to do.

Here’s some of what we worked on in 2021:

  • We fought to pass the bi-partisan Infrastructure Bill benefitting Iowans with: $3.4 billion in highway aid for the 403 miles of highway in poor condition; $432 million for bridge replacement and repairs (Iowa ranks worst in the nation for structurally deficient bridges with nearly 1 in every 5 bridges classified as structurally deficient); $638 million to improve water infrastructure; $305 million for public transportation; $120 million for airport infrastructure and upgrades; $100 million+ for expanded broadband internet coverage; and $15 million to protect against cyberattacks.
  • We supported the Build Back Better Act because we know so many provisions are a great start for our nation to thrive. It would finally bring Medicare into this century by allowing prescription drug negotiations and include expanded coverage for hearing, dental and vision; substantially reduce poverty for children and their families; benefit older Americans and those with disabilities; extend health care to those who cannot afford it; expand educational opportunities; provide for paid leave; in fact, by investing in our future.
  • We advocated to keep Iowa’s Redistricting Process fair by educating and inviting members to contact their Legislators to remind them of Iowa’s long history of fair redistricting based on population. We do not want to have our elections tainted by the gerrymandering we see in other states because here in Iowa we want to elect our Representatives, not have them chosen by politicians and unfair practices.
  • We stood with our allies at the Iowa Alliance for Justice around Medical Malpractice caps. Iowa juries will continue to decide the value of a human life in court cases that involve medical negligence and commercial vehicle crashes – NOT politicians because we know it is our Constitutional right to trial by jury and it must be protected.
  • We are leading the Lower Drug Prices Now campaign in Iowa because we know that no matter where people live, what they look like or what’s in their wallets, everyone deserves affordable medicine to have the best chance at healthy lives. We need guarantees when it comes to prescription medications. The greed from drug corporations and their powerful lobbyists are threatening our health and our pocketbook.
  • We continue to insist on Health Care for all Americans. Every American deserves affordable and accessible coverage when it comes to their health. We are again the lead organization for Health Care for America Now (HCAN).
  • HCAN’s HealthcareOverWealthcare campaign is demanding that every lawmaker make a choice to support health care, jobs and opportunity for everyone over more tax breaks and discounts for corporations and rich households. Our nation is the richest in the world, yet families are struggling even as corporate profits soar and the gap between the middle class and super wealthy grows. We can do better: it’s time for Congress and state lawmakers to level the playing field and ensure that everyone in America has a fair shot at real opportunity, economic mobility and prosperity. We need to build an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and corporations
  • Through our Iowa Main Streets and Country Roads project we continued our work with small business owners, farmers and the self-employed to amplify the true voice of working Iowans. We know that our communities can’t thrive when they are threatened by big corporations and a taxation system that funnels wealth to the richest.
  • In addition, we met with Iowa Members of Congress or their staff to ask them to work for Iowans on a variety of issues that are important to everyday Iowans by focusing on Iowa values.
  • We joined with our affiliates, labor, allies and members to promote policy and programs that support everyday Iowans. And continued to help Iowans tell their stories on a variety of topics through media outlets, presentations, letters to the editor and meetings with lawmakers.


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Iowa Citizen Action Network (ICAN) is a grassroots public interest organization committed to creating social change in Iowa and across the nation. ICAN has united Iowa’s progressives for 40 years, and is leading efforts to change the public climate for progressive change. ICAN works in coalition with  organizational affiliates from a wide range of constituencies, including religious, community, labor, senior, family farm and environmental organizations as well as with our thousands of individual members.
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