How our state government treats its most vulnerable…

…whether children, the sick or the elderly in fact, all of us – is the measure of its humanity. Over the past few legislative sessions we have seen time and again that the wealthy and privileged are rewarded and the rest of us are disregarded.

What the Governor and Republican Legislators are promising are income tax cuts,  overhauling state agencies that assist students with disabilities, eliminating more than 100 of the state’s boards and commissions and ending the gender balance requirement, continuing to ban school books, restricting abortion, loosening gun regulations, sticking their noses into civics and history curriculum, in a nutshell, even more pandering to their special interest groups and donors.

The Governor recently unveiled her new “slogan” for Iowa – Freedom to Flourish.  Unfortunately that freedom is only afforded to a few. So that’s why we need to stand in solidarity and tell our elected officials at every level that we have had enough.  That each and every one of us counts.

Here are a few of the priorities that the legislature should be working on:

  • We need to fight “so-called” tort reform and keep special interests from influencing our civil justice system.
  • With gun violence running rampant and recent events in Iowa, of course we need to send our thoughts and prayers, but as a solution it’s not working.  We’re sick and tired of inaction or bad action from our legislature.  We need Policy Change and Action on top of our thoughts and prayers.
  • We need a program that will help to feed, educate and care for our children. And an educational system that uplifts our educators and schools and does not treat them as enemies.
  • We need oversight and action when it comes to elder care, particularly with our abysmal record in Iowa’s nursing homes.
  • We need our legislators and governor to accept that women have autonomy over their own bodies and health care. 
  • We need fair wages and safe working conditions for all workers.
  • We need the right to vote without undue restrictions
  • We need to treat our LGBTQI+ friends, family and neighbors with dignity and respect.
  • We need a focus on bullying, food insecurity, health care, a fair and equitable tax system and environmental justice so we leave this world a safer place.
  • What we really need is for our elected officials to prioritize the wellbeing of our most vulnerable.

What we need is to make Iowa a safe and welcoming place for ALL.

So what can we do?  Each of us needs to stay informed, contact our elected officials write letters to the editor, attend events, show up, VOTE and, most importantly, make our voices heard.

You can find your legislator at:

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Iowa Citizen Action Network held a Roundtable Discussion to address the most recent nursing home closures in Iowa and the lack of an adequate care structure in the state to address the needs of Iowa families.

Speakers highlighted the closures of nursing homes in the state, the failure of the state to provide oversight and the need for more action to keep residents safe, the need to increase Medicaid reimbursement funds, and the impact this is having on older Iowans and their families- especially in rural areas

To see the discussion, go to our: SAVE OUR SENIORS VIDEO

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