Main Street Alliance Survey Fall 2018

Are you a small business owner/ farmer/ entrepreneur/ self-employed?

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The Main Street Alliance-Iowa (MSA-IA) has been working since 2008 to make sure that the small business voice is heard from real small business owners on policy that matters most.

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Individual survey results will be kept anonymous.  The aggregate data may be used in reports, fact sheets and other materials in print, video or other media.
What do you believe small businesses need most to create jobs and grow the economy?

Do you think that large corporations currently pay:

Do you support cutting Medicare, Medicaid, education and infrastructure to pay for the Trillion dollar tax cut for the wealthiest individuals and largest corporations?

Some think that instead of cutting trillions in tax for wealthy corporations, we should be closing corporate tax loopholes and generating additional revenue. What would be your top priorities for that increased revenue?

What type of health insurance do they have?

Have you needed to source capital or credit to start or grow your business?

Have you experienced challenges accessing credit to start/grow your business?

Have you or an employee ever needed to take time off to care for a new child, a family member’s or your own serious illness?

Several states have paid family and medical leave programs that establish an insurance program to provide employers and employees with up to 12 weeks paid leave to care for a newborn, a personal illness, or an ill family member. In general, is that something you would support in National or State legislation?

Do you support or oppose an immigration policy including a roadmap to citizenship for immigrants who already live and work in the U.S. and aspire to become American citizens?

I am willing to:

The owner of this business identifies as a: