We must end corporate welfare now!

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains the policies that line the pockets of corporations while hurting ordinary Americans.

Trump Administration Moves to End Food Stamps for 3 Million People.

The Trump administration moved to end food stamp benefits for 3.1 million people, the day after the president reached a deal with Democrats to raise federal spending by tens of billions of dollars for the next two years.

The proposed rule curtailing food assistance continue reading

It’s Presidential Campaign

Time in Iowa!

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Iowa Citizen Action Network (ICAN) is a grassroots public interest organization committed to creating social change in Iowa and across the nation. ICAN has united Iowa’s progressives for 40 years, and is leading efforts to change the public climate for progressive change. ICAN works in coalition with  organizational affiliates from a wide range of constituencies, including religious, community, labor, senior, family farm and environmental organizations as well as with our thousands of individual members.



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