Civil Justice and Consumer Protection

Among ICAN’s highest priorities is a commitment to civil justice and consumer protections. Every

Civil justice and consumer protection, Iowa citizen action network,

issue on which ICAN works, from health care to environmental issues to energy policies, is affected by the civil justice system. In the current political climate, and at this time of economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever for ICAN to continue its fight for the rights of citizens to protect themselves through the courts.

May, 2013 Iowa Fair Courts Coalition Celebrates Jane Kellys Confirmation to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals

April, 2009

Protect consumers against a loosening of insurance regulations

We worked with the insurance commissioner and the consumer advocate for insurance to protect consumers against a loosening of regulations to ensure the solvency of the insurance industry in this economic crisis. April, 2009

Employee Choice of Doctor Bill

We provided testimony in support of legislation to allow employees to choose their own doctors when injured on the job – legislation that unfortunately did not make it out of the session. April, 2009

Helped pass private right of action

We worked closely with the attorney general’s office to push for one of the bright victories of the session – a bill allowing for private right of action.

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