Got Insulin?

We need voices that can help elevate the imperative that Big Pharma face their moral responsibility to lower the costs of insulin and other prescription medicines that millions of people depend on. We need to tell Senators Joni Ernst and … Continue reading

How’s that Tax Law Working for You?

Are you tired of the rich getting all the tax breaks? If you fill out the form below, we’ll print it onto a postcard for you to be delivered later this year to Senator Ernst. Here is the text of … Continue reading

A View from Iowa’s Main Streets and Rural Roads

Click HERE for a peek at our Main Street Alliance of Iowa Candidate Briefing book! Small business owners and farmers know what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet. They also vote. Small businesses and family farms aren’t like big … Continue reading

Economic Equality

2020 Candidates on Economic Inequality. The system has been rigged for too long for the wealthy in our country. We need leaders who are going to work to level the playing field and make sure the wealthy and big corporations … Continue reading

We’re Going to the Progress Iowa Corn Feed

Headed to the Progress Iowa Corn Feed in Cedar Rapids this Sunday, July 14? Iowa Citizen Action Network will be there highlighting our TAX MARCH IOWA project! Doors open at noon at Newbo City Market, 1100 3rd St SE, Cedar … Continue reading

Tax the Rich Bus Tour

Tuesday, July 23, 2019–1pm to 4 pm The Tax The Rich Tour is coming to Iowa to demand the rich pay their fair share, join us in demanding tax and economic justice! For additional details stay tuned to the Events … Continue reading

Thanks to our Sponsors

We would like to thank the sponsors who helped make our 40th Anniversary Celebration a success. … Continue reading

Tax March Iowa!

We’re excited to be the Tax March Iowa Chapter! Tax March started as an actual march and is now a movement working to show lawmakers and presidential candidates that we want the wealthy to pay their fair share. We know … Continue reading

Surprises from your insurance company?

It can be shocking.  You go to the doctor or you’re in the hospital and you assume that the health coverage you have been paying for will cover whatever needs you have.  Then wham, you receive a notice from your … Continue reading

We’re Hiring!!

Iowa Citizen Action Network Job Announcement Part-Time Temporary Statewide Organizer (primary focus Tax March Iowa) Click on TM Job Post for a PDF of the posting To apply, e-mail a cover letter, résumé and references to:  with subject line: Tax March … Continue reading