Our recent and current issue work primarily occurs in the following areas:

Health Care

ICANEF is fighting to guarantee health care coverage for all Americans. We fight to preserve and strengthen critical public health programs while leading local and state-wide components of national campaigns to expand access to quality, affordable care.  Specific campaigns include:
• Quality, Affordable Health Care for All
• Protecting Medicare and Medicaid
• Working Toward a Real Prescription Drug Benefit
• Opposing Dangerous “Health Savings Accounts”

Invest in Iowa’s Future

ICANEF promotes a bold campaign to recommit the nation to mainstream progressive goals and encourage investment in America’s most precious resource – our people. We must make forward looking investments in education and clean energy by rolling back tax breaks for corporations and by holding our government accountable to the will of the people instead of special interests.

Clean Money

Money has always played a role in American politics, but in recent years big money has become the primary currency of democracy. Before voters ever cast their ballots, wealthy campaign contributors vote with their wallets, effectively deciding which candidates will have the resources to run serious campaigns.

Under a Clean Money system, candidates would receive a set amount of public financing for their election campaigns if they reject private money, limit their spending, and shorten their campaigns.

Tax & Budget Priorities

ICANEF advocates for economic policies guided by principles of fairness. America can afford quality schools, expand healthcare access and protect vital services like Social Security and Medicare only when corporations and individuals pay their fair share. ICANEF promotes fair taxes because we believe in an economy that works for everyone.

• Preserve the estate tax
• Close Corporate Tax Loopholes
• Protect Jobs and Strengthen the Economy