Health Care Matters to ME!

We need to let our Members of Congress and the President know that we want to move forward not backward when it comes to OUR healthcare!

We need to let them know that millions of Americans, including Iowa small business owners, their employees, their families, as well as farmers and the self-employed could finally get health coverage thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

It is just wrong that Iowans are losing access to health care and premiums are increasing by double digits numbers to finance tax breaks for wealthy Republicans donors.  And now the Trump administration has joined a lawsuit asking the courts to wipe out protections for pre-existing conditions, which form the bedrock of ACA.

Do you have a health-care story to tell? We are putting together a collection of stories from small business owners and others to share with elected officials and others to paint the true picture of what health care means to Iowans.

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