Immigration and Iowa

It seems that politicians often speak FOR Main Street businesses, farmers and the self employed.  We believe that it is more important to be LISTENED TO!

Immigration has become a huge issue in the United States and it is a big issue here in Iowa. At the Main Street Alliance, we’d like to better understand your views on immigration and how this is impacting your small business, community and local economy.

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Generations of new Americans, both business owners and workers, have helped build strong local economies and communities. Today, outdated and out-of-touch immigration policies are hindering our economic progress. Addressing immigration is important.

Our immigration policies should encourage the economic integration of new American immigrants. This will strengthen the customer base for small businesses, bring new talent to the nation and help those businesses grow and create jobs.

Small business owners and their employees are like family. When an employee’s family is separated by our current immigration laws, it impacts morale and focus in the workplace. Keeping families together is important to ensure a productive and focused workforce for small businesses.

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