Iowa Governor to sign bill regarding Earned Income Tax Credit


Earned Income tax Credit

ICAN’s grassroots lobbying and press events have paid off! ICAN lobbied individually, and took the lead on creating a story booklet, distributing them to every single lawmaker, and organizing a press event in cahoots with the Coalition for a Better Iowa to increase the state’s EITC. It’s been included as part of a Property Tax grand bargain. It’s a mediocre increase at best, yet, it is certainly better than the status quo. Last legislative session, the Republican House and Democratic Senate passed an increase to the EITC twice, only to be vetoed by the Governor.  Now, however, the Governor has indicated that he’ll sign the bill as is.  ICAN held a niche in the media market on the subject, and was the driving force at the Capitol in keeping the EITC on the agenda.  Read more here…