Main Street NEEDS Net Neutrality!

The Senate voted May 16, 2018 to pass a measure that would repeal changes to net neutrality rules that were recently adopted by the Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission. Noticeably voting against Main Street, entrepreneurs and Iowa’s farmers were Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst.

The measure, which was backed by all 49 Democrats and 3 Republicans, has been sent to the House, where an uncertain vote is likely in the very near future. Net neutrality is not a partisan issue, 83% of Americans support net neutrality and the open Internet regardless of their political affiliation.

The Main Street Alliance of Iowa is calling on our Iowa delegation in the House to vote FOR small business, entrepreneurs and farmers.  Equality of access to the internet is an integral part of business in Iowa.  Net neutrality protects that access. An open and fast internet allows businesses to process and market products.  Taking that away makes it impossible to compete with the big corporations that have the resources to make sure they are prioritized by internet service providers.

We hear a lot of talk from politicians about “The American Dream” and having access to the internet allows businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve that by launching a business and reaching anyone around the world.

Sign the letter below!

Dear Member of Congress,

We are companies who rely on the open Internet to grow our business and reach customers online. We are calling on our Iowa delegation in the House to vote FOR small business, entrepreneurs and farmers.

Users and businesses need certainty that they will not be blocked, throttled or charged extra fees by Internet service providers. We cannot afford to be left unprotected while Congress deliberates.

We will accept nothing less than the protections embodied in the 2015 order. Please ensure the FCC keeps its tools to protect consumers and business like ours.

Thank you for considering our views.


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