Tell Postmaster DeJoy YOUR Story

Postmaster Louis DeJoy’s overarching “Delivering for America” Plan has fallen short of leadership’s ambitious goals.  In May he was quoted as saying, ““As I travel the nation meeting with the great men and women of the Postal Service, it is clear the investments we are making are paying off – and it is showing through our improved delivery for the American people and our business customers.​”

We think that DeJoy needs to hear from Iowans and postal employees who interact with customers everyday to hear about the hardships that have been created by longer delivery times and increased prices.

We will highlight customer stories and raise awareness for the challenges that the changes have created for Iowans and others living in rural areas of the country.​

If you’d like to add your story, please fill out the form below and we’ll share the messages with the Iowa Postal Worker Union so they can relay them to DeJoy.

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