No Iowan Should Go Hungry


Join us as we call on the Iowa Legislature and Governor Reynolds to provide immediate resources for Iowans struggling with hunger.

We urge the Iowa Legislature and Governor Reynolds to act swiftly in January to provide immediate additional resources to help Iowans struggling with hunger.

Since Iowa closed out fiscal year 2020 with an ending balance of more than $305 million and has more than $770 million in reserve accounts, we call on our elected officials to commit to providing food assistance to struggling Iowa families.

Food assistance would go beyond helping hungry families, it could help our community grocery stores, Iowa farmers and restaurants who are all in need of a boost. If ever there was a time to use our “rainy-day” fund on what is looking more like a tsunami, it is now. 

We will deliver signatures and comments to Leadership and the Governor on January 11, the first day of the 2021 Legislative Session.