Veterans Speak Out Against Benefit Cuts

Join us on Wednesday, November 13 to highlight the cuts Veterans would experience with the Chained CPI. Read More……Veterans Event November 13

As a member of the budget committee assigned the task of coming up with a budget proposal by December 13th, Iowa Senator Grassley should hear from us that any cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are unacceptable and why.

Because of the number of programs that would be subject to the Chained CPI, veterans would receive double, triple or more hits from the Chained CPI.  Not only their Social Security but also their Military Retirement pensions, Veterans Pension benefits, Veterans Disability Compensation and Dependency and Indemnity Compensation would be reduced.

Iowa Senator Harkin has introduced a bill in the Senate S567, with a companion bill in the House HR3113 introduced by Representative Linda Sanchez (D) Calif. that would strengthen Social Security instead of cutting it. A call or note to our Representatives to sign the Sanchez Bill and to Senator Grassley to sign the Harkin Bill would be in order.  These are strong alternatives to cutting a program that should not even be included in deficit talks, because it did not contribute one penny to the deficit.

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