Thank You – Honorees, Donors, Members, and Guests for successful fundraiser

Matt Sinovic and Stephanie Lavia, Iowa Citizen Action Network,
Honoree Matt Sinovic, Progress Iowa and guest Stephanie Lavia

ICAN and ICAN Education Foundation wish to thank everyone who contributed financially and in so many other ways to make our fundraiser on Saturday, July 27 a success.

We rely on and appreciate all of you as a friend, activist, member, and/or donor, to make our work possible. Thanks to your ongoing support, we are able to live up to our vision of uniting  individuals, cultures, communities and organizations in Iowa around a common progressive vision where there is social, economic, racial and environmental justice for all.

Pam Jochum, Marti Anderson, Roxanne Conlin, Iiowa Citizen Action Network,
Honoree Roxanne Conlin (center) with IA State Representative Marti Anderson and IA State Senator Pam Jochum

As we finish our 34th year and look toward the future, we continue to honor our history of creating social change in Iowa and across the nation.

One way we do that is to address the fact that the mainstream political conversation today reflects a dominant worldview that simply has no room for the kinds of policies we want, because it is shaped by a set of themes and values carefully put there over many years of work by our opponents.

To reshape the conversation around progressive themes and values is a big undertaking, so what we’ve come up with by talking to our members and affiliates is a set of common values.  They are:

Every person has inherent human worth.  No individual is more or less deserving of a life of dignity and opportunity than anyone else, regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, or any other kind of difference.

We are all in this together. Our destinies are intertwined. None of us can realize our full human potential while others are kept from realizing their own.

We all benefit from decisions which serve the common good. Community brings both meaning and responsibility to our lives. We are responsible to and for one another, future generations, and the earth we share. We don’t work for the economy. The economy works for us.  There is enough to go around—more than enough. Government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Government can and should be our vehicle to put our values to work in improving our lives and communities.

Thank you again for all you’ve done to help us get this far.

Group at fundriaser