$77 a Week Minimum Wage Challenge


At a press conference in Des Moines today,Sue Dinsdale Executive Director of Iowa Citizen Action Network who also is a member of the raise the wage coalition that favors gradually increasing the minimum hourly wage from $7.25 to $10.10, said she tried and failed to make it on $77 that a low-wage worker has to spend after taxes and housing expenses are deducted.

Dinsdale said she spent her money on gas and groceries but en route to work developed car trouble and needed a tow and repairs totaling $600, “which highlighted to me that one tiny thing to us is a devastating life experience for someone making the minimum wage. Without a car, they wouldn’t have a job,” she said.

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For additional information about Raise the Minimum Wage Coalition contact Sue Dinsdale or call ICAN at 319-354-8116.