From Taxes to Schools to Daycares to book banning – here’s some of what we’re watching in the Iowa Legislature this year

Lowering income taxes is high priority, but lawmakers may not eliminate it outright: On the chopping block: Iowa’s income tax, which Republicans argue is making the state less competitive. But leaders stopped short of recommending an immediate elimination of the state’s income tax, emphasizing the change would need to be sustainable over time. Democrats emphasized … Read more

Medicare Needs An UPDATE!

Click HERE to tell us your story! Medicare has remained stuck in the 60s.  It’s time for us to strengthen and expand it!  We need the Build Back Better Agenda! Drug corporations have been price-gouging patients, taxpayers and businesses for over a decade, with price increases that outpace inflation and put even basic medicines out of … Read more

Letter to Iowa Delegation

Click HERE to sign on! To: Iowa Congressional Delegation: Senators Grassley and Ernst, Representatives Hinson, Miller-Meeks, Axne and Feenstra Americans across the political spectrum overwhelmingly support Congressional action to lower the price of prescription drugs. Specifically, a strong majority of Republicans, Democrats and Independents support specific policies like enabling Medicare Part D to negotiate for lower … Read more

Allow Medicare Negotiations

Enabling Medicare to negotiate drug prices is one of the most significant things we can do to make medicines affordable for patients and taxpayers, and must be part of any drug price reform. Similarly, lowering out-of-pocket costs and reining in drug corporations’ monopoly power to price-gouge through patent reforms are critical features of reform.

Have a Heart! Pass COVID Relief!

After a year of insufficient aid to meet an ever-worsening crisis, Iowans NEED  comprehensive COVID relief NOW! Right now, there are thousands of our friends, family and neighbors who are out of work, who have lost pay, or who have lost hours because of the pandemic. A small “rescue package” will leave far too many … Read more

No Iowan Should Go Hungry

  Join us as we call on the Iowa Legislature and Governor Reynolds to provide immediate resources for Iowans struggling with hunger. We urge the Iowa Legislature and Governor Reynolds to act swiftly in January to provide immediate additional resources to help Iowans struggling with hunger. Since Iowa closed out fiscal year 2020 with an … Read more

Iowans Can’t Afford To Wait As Payroll Protection Program Expires

Support for Small Businesses and the Unemployed Will Help the Economy Recover Congress created the Paycheck Protection Program as a way to provide relief for small businesses impacted during the COVID 19 crisis. The $2.2 trillion relief package was signed in March, and at the end of June, the PPP was extended again until August … Read more

The Ballots are Coming! The Ballots are Coming!

Are YOU ready to vote? The Secretary of State’s office has a website that can answer many VOTER READY IOWA questions! There are a record number of Iowans planning to take advantage of early voting this year as the coronavirus pandemic continues. Early voting has begun, and we can vote early by mail or in … Read more

Know the Issues Before You Vote

Paid Leave for All Iowans are facing impossible choices, forcing us to choose between job and family. If COVID-19 has taught us anything it’s that paid leave goes beyond helping families and saving lives. It bolsters the economy by helping employers retain their workers and stay afloat while doing so. It has shown us that … Read more

On The Issues- Know Before You Vote

Market vs. Economy Iowa Citizen Action Network, along with our allies and partners, has put together a series of videos: On The Issues – Know Before You Vote. This installment is about the Market vs. the Economy. There is a common misconception that the Market and the Economy are one and the same, but that … Read more